how interesting

We all have things we like to do when we have free time, things that make us happy. We call these things hobbies or interests. I’ve always been interested by interests and why different people are interested in different things. Part of the reason for this is because, as I said in my about me, I go through different phases of interests fairly quickly. The first major interest that I remember having was the band One Direction. I knew everything about them. I knew where they were from and all the words to all of their songs. This interest then shifted to their opening act, 5 Seconds of Summer. I looked up to them and was very inspired by their songs. My final major shift in interest was when I got into kpop. I love the variety of groups, and I listen to almost 50 artists. There is an obvious link between all of these interests, they are all music related.

Music is my favorite form of entertainment, most likely because of it’s variability of uses. You can have music on in the background to help you focus while you study or you can really listen to the lyrics to experience what the writer was experiencing. Before I got into kpop, I thought the only way you could receive the songwriter’s message was by listening to the lyrics. Now I realize that the way the song is composed can also express the emotion of the songwriter, as well as the emotion in the artist’s voice. I think kpop has given me a greater appreciation for all of the work that goes into creating music that people can relate to. Another thing that interests me about music is the artists themselves. I like learning about the artists as people. It’s interesting to watch how people express themselves artistically and see them live their dreams. Additionally, the majority of artists I like I see as kind and genuine people, so being a music fan gives me lots of inspiring people to look up to.

However, not everyone is interested in music, which is what is interesting to me. Some people have watched hundreds of movies, spend all of their free time watching TV shows, express themselves by writing their own music and movies, etc. People who enjoy movies or TV shows may look up to the actors as their role models similarly to how I look up to musicians. They may enjoy learning about those actors as people and how they express their emotions through their acting. Although this interest is similar to mine, I’ve never been as interested in movies or TV shows as I have with music. I watch some movies and a few shows casually, but I’m not invested in any actors to the point where I know lots of things about them and why they want to be an actor. I’ve always wondered how people could have different interests. What about movies is more interesting to some people than music?

I think interests are very important to have. They allow you to express your own emotions either directly or by watching other people do the same. Your interests give you a break from your day to day busy life. Those who are lucky get to combine their casual interests with their career. Most musicians’ main interest was music even before they achieved it as a job.  I enjoy learning what other people’s interests are, I feel like it can tell you a lot about the person. For me, I always ask people who like the same musical groups as me who their favorite member is. The person they look up to the most can show you what is important to them and what their passions are. This interest in other people’s interests and passions might explain why I want to be a psychiatrist. I really enjoy learning about how other people’s minds work. Someday, I might try to combine my interest in music with my interest in psychology. I could determine why different people have different interests or how music impacts the way people think.



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