these are the best years of our lives

What a terrifying thought to think. Once we get past the highest point of our lives, what are we supposed with ourselves? If we know its never going to as good as it was, then what’s the point? Sorry for giving you an existential crisis, but it’s something I think about a lot. I think about it a lot because I’m a teenager in high school, which most movies tell me is supposed to be the time of my life. To be honest, I really hope high school isn’t the best time of my life because its nothing like it is in the movies. I wonder how you know a certain time period in your life is the best one. For many people, this thought might be motivation to make every day as meaningful and happy as possible. If you can never tell when the peak of your life is, then you should make each day better than the last.

For some people, though, they know they’re in the best time of their life. I’m mostly talking about famous people here. I figure its pretty hard to top being loved by millions of people and doing what you love every day. Celebrities have to work and dream their whole lives to become a famous singer or actor, so when it actually happens, there’s nothing that could make them happier. But what happens when it all stops? Especially with the pop culture of today, where everyone is fascinated with the next new upcoming artist, people can’t be famous forever. What could you do to even compete with something that you dreamed of your whole life?

As I mentioned in my post, how interesting, I love learning about and appreciating musical artists. I care a lot for many of my favorite singers. I worry about them like a mother who’s sent her children off to college. Have they eaten today? Did they get enough sleep? Are they happy? Because of this, I worry about their future too. Many of my favorite artists have sacrificed so much to make their dreams come true. 5 Seconds of Summer dropped out of high school, and most kpop artists have to train for years to become singers. They probably worry a lot about what they’re going to do after it all stops. Are they going to stay in the field or try something new? What will make them as happy as being on stage? It’s terrible that the fear interferes with the happiest period of there life, also.

Most artists will say they want to be with their group forever, but, honestly, it’s not realistic. Like I said, people get tired of artists after a while, and there’s always the desire to start a family. Then, I guess the future for music artists should be about being content rather than trying to top their fame. I only know of one artist who wants to switch careers when he’s done being famous. He’s wanted to be a psychologist, so he’s going to work towards that. Obviously, being a psychologist probably won’t top his singing career, but it will make him content. I hope all of my favorite artists can be content in their future.



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