Top 10 Songs to Drive to

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  1. Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark) – Unknown Mortal Orchestra: There’s nothing better to me than driving down the backroads on a sunny way with this song playing because of it’s blending of a distinct voice and sounds
  2. Birch Tree- Foals: An easy song to drive off in the sunset to that gives a sense of purpose behind a driving pedal loop
  3. Letter of Intent- Ducktails: This synth dream pop song with misty vocals works perfectly for driving in the city and the words remind you of someone you hold dear
  4. Let it Happen- Tame Impala: The driving bass and great mixing on this track makes you wanna floor it and makes the ride more exciting in this ever changing song
  5. The Water- Wild Cub: The song runs similar to Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen but more synth based and allows you to perfectly cap off the long drive home
  6. No Matter Where We Go- Whitney: The chorus of the song sums up the feel perfectly with a very homely feel from this Chicago band
  7. Fall Hard- The Shout Out Louds: The upbeat song automatically takes you right in the driver’s seat and wraps you up in a beautiful narrative with the lyrics
  8. No One Really Cares if You Go to the Party- Courtney Barnett: The hard rock sound is perfect for when you wanna drive far away and forget about what’s giving you problems
  9. Canela- Devendra Banhart: This soft piano song is best suited for rainy days alone or nice drives in the backcountry and gives you a sense of nostalgia
  10. Dear to Me- Electric Guest: The L.A. duo bring nice vibes and funky hooks in a sentimental song that has you flying down the interstate